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    With previous 
    dental qualifications


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    Work study stream 
    4.6 semesters
    (28 months)
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    Summer or 
    winter semester

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    Programme starts
    winter semester 2015 

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    Bachelor of
    (B. Sc.)


This study programme can be taken as of winter semester 2015 as a work-study variant. This means that you continue to work in your practice as trained dental technician during the programme.

Dental technology 2.0 – 
the next level.

A futuristic study programme: The study programme Digital Dental Technology is aimed at the modernization of the classic profession of dental technician. The Bachelor of Science combines the production manufacturing of bridges, crowns and other dental prosthesis with the modern, computer-supported planning and production methods which are becoming increasingly important.

Information technology is revolutionizing the entire process of producing dental prosthesis. From capturing the tooth and its position to design and the way in which artificial teeth are created: all this is undergoing revolutionary change. In just a few years, the profession of dental technician will barely be recognizable.

Here at the praxisHochschule, we are aware of this. For this reason, as of winter semester 2015, we enable you to study what in other places is still regarded as science fiction: Digital Dental Technology (B.Sc).

Study now what will be shaping dental engineering tomorrow.

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Study model

In the case of the Digital Dental Technology study programme, the focus is initially on the contents of the training as dental technician (shown in blue in the graphic below – previous qualification as a Dental Technician can be taken into account to a large extent). In accordance with this, anatomy, prosthetics, biology and material science are studied. This is accompanied by the modules for fundamental competence, known as the "Studium Fundamentale" modules (shown in red), which strengthen skills in self-management, learning competency, conflict management and communication.

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Building upon this, students study process management, scientific work, business administration, computer science basics and enhanced knowledge of anatomy. 

The study programme is rounded off with the topics of digital workflow, i.e. the processing of digital data from the oral cavity (scanning, x-ray, etc.), data processing (planning tools, construction, etc.) and the transfer of these data into production (CNC milling, lasering, 3D printing, etc.). Work shadowing in major milling centres are in focus here, which can result in questions to be tackled in the Bachelor thesis which is written at the end of the seventh semester.

* All details subject to change and accreditation by the accreditation agency and authorisation of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Study variants / Recognition possibilities

The programme can be studied as a work-study variant. In this the students work at a "praxisPartner" – generally a dental laboratory that actively supports the students in the practice of vocational qualifications. Here, practical basics of the profession and knowledge of the craft are practiced. Our Student Advisory Team will gladly assist you in finding a suitable "praxisPartner".

In this variant, a previous qualification as a Dental Technician can be taken into account to a large extent. This means that qualified Dental Technicians can begin directly with the 4th semester. Students will be able to catch up on the Studium Fundamentale modules, but on the whole they only have to study for the last four semesters (the regular period of study is 4.5 semesters or 28 months).

Trade / Labour market

Technical developments in the field of dental technology are resulting in the need for further qualifications of skilled workers. In the future, the working environment of the classic dental technician will undergo drastic transformation: IT-supported production methods produce faster and at a lower cost with the same or higher quality standards. Many coordination points between dentist and dental technician are becoming obsolete due to IT interfaces. At the same time, new questions are arising in terms of quality assurance.

Graduates of the Digital Dental Technology study programme are familiar with up-to-date procedures for the use of digital technologies for the production of dental technical products and can apply these. They possess the necessary mechanical and theoretical skills to proactively help shape their own trade in times of increasing digitalization. They are aware that they bear a huge responsibility for the quality of patient treatment. The graduates have wide-ranging and integrated knowledge of the scientific basics and practical application and have critical understanding of the most important theories and methods.


If you are interested in our Digital Dental Technology study programme, please send us an e-mail and we will be happy to send you further information and the application documents.

Admission procedure

All applicants who fulfil the formal prerequisites will be invited to participate in our selection procedure.

High school graduates

A personal selection interview will be held and applicants will have to pass a manual test.

Applicants with completed professional training

The prerequisite for admission is the Dental Technician certificate. As well as a personal selection discussion we also hold a credit test to check the level of fundamental knowledge of dental technician training.

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* Important information

All details provided on this page are subject to accreditation by the accreditation agency and approval of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.


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