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The didactic Concept

The didactic concept of the praxisHochschule – University of Applied Sciences uses the combination of theory and practice as the main goal. This goal is based on two strong pillars:

  • The systematic integration of practical skills into the program through working at practice partner companies.
  • “Problem-based learning” (PBL, also problem-oriented learning, POL) as the leading didactic concept for courses.

In parallel to their studies, all students at the university work at a practice partner with whom we have a fixed cooperation agreement. Unlike traditional dual degree programmes, our parallel study format combines both study and job ability so that students may apply what they have learned in lectures directly on the job at the practice partner, where they test, reflect and drill themselves.

While studying at the university, students will work independently with actual case studies in small groups under the supervision of scientists and practitioners before reconvening as a group to examine their progress. This reduces the classical lecturing style of teaching and supports the students’ autonomous learning. This learning phase will be supplemented with practice units in our own clinic or vocational schools, where students will take seminars, lectures and self-study tutorials.

Through the combination of practice and theory, students can enjoy the acquisition of knowledge, ability and skills but also of personal development as a significant element of the study path.

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