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Mission Statement


Our guiding principle is to support and promote the development and future of the German health and social system. We believe that a regionally organized, cross-sectoral health and social system with a stronger orientation towards prevention is for the benefit of all. Our goal is therefore to make the cooperation between different professions and health professionals the focal point for the benefit of the patients.

We support and encourage dual training and academisation of the professions in the healthcare system through the introduction of reputable Bachelor's and Master's degrees. We believe that the equality and recognition of professions in the social and health care services is an important step for the further development of our health care and social systems. For this reason, we offer dual degree programs that enable our graduates to rise to the challenges of key positions and meet the demands of the social and health care systems of tomorrow.


  • individualized patient-based health care will play an important role, in particular the growing prevalence of chronic diseases and the necessary care and support.
  • interdisciplinary exchange will be a key success factor in disease prevention and sustainable health care.
  • qualified personnel will be required who are able to meet both current and future challenges. Professionals are needed whose work in social and health care services is socially recognized.

Our StrengthS:

  • We promote professional development opportunities in the social and health care systems.
  • With our programmes, we set the impetus for further development of health care systems through new courses, thus creating innovative professions.
  • We offer qualified graduates as well experienced practitioners access to expert training and academic degrees.
  • We consistently put the application-oriented combination of theory and practice into effect. Research, professional practice and teaching are directly connected.
  • We remove barriers to access higher education and promote the recognition of practical experience and continuing education as part of our academic programmes.
  • We accomplish the transfer of expertise, application skills and personal competence development through a balanced approach.
  • Teaching is a profession for us. We are constantly developing through the exchange with our students.
  • Teaching is support, impetus and inspiration for us. We accompany our students on their personal path of development.
  • Our teaching is aimed at combining theory and practice. We constantly develop our cases and link them with problem-based learning approaches. We bring work situations into the University and take the University into the companies and institutions of our students.
  • Learning takes place in small groups, because we believe that the exchange between our students and their discussions with one another are essential parts of the learning process.
  • Direct and personal contact between students and teachers is self-evident.
  • With us, learning occurs through the interconnection of knowledge, skills and personal competency development.

Our Research: Practice-Oriented

  • Research is not an end in itself for us.
  • The aim of our research activities is to always ask questions, to find answers and to produce findings that can help to improve people's health and care as well as social aspects of their lives.
  • Research is an important aspect of our teaching. We therefore systematically involve our students in research activities and incorporate our research into the instruction.
  • We disclose any research conducted on behalf of a third party as precisely this. We place importance on communicating the results of our research activities not only in professional circles, but also among the general public.
  • We strive to communicate the results of our research in a comprehensible manner.
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