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The praxisHochschule – University of Applied Sciences will establish itself due to its systematically justified proximity to outpatient service providers in particular in the areas of health services and organisational research. For the training-integrated study models, a network of outpatient medical and dental practices, care centres and clinics will be established where the students will work during their entire study period.

Within the framework of their studies, these students should be incorporated both in the conception and implementation of research projects. Additionally, they may coordinate patient or employee surveys and data collection on-site at the outpatient service providers.

The research projects promote professional excellence and academic understanding and help students comprehend their own profession as a scientific discipline and to develop it further.

Research Goals

Study Programme:

Dental Hygiene and Prevention Management

In this course, the main research areas focus on maintaining dental health and thus the entire range of prophylactic care for children, the elderly and seniors, as well as the successful treatment and care of patients with periodontal disease. The focus is on the practical applicability of theoretical prevention and treatment concepts into everyday care. 

Study Programmes:

Management of Healthcare Networks &
Management in Healthcare and Social Welfare Facilities

For both degree programs, the praxisHochschule – University of Applied Sciences aims to research topics in the field of health economics that specifically deal with the questions of outpatient care institutions and their networking with other providers. This includes: service quality in ambulatory care, ways to improve patient compliance, performance of innovative forms of care and programmes, future of organisation and coordination of outpatient care. At the same time, the demand for new qualification and healthcare service occupations should also be a matter of the research activities of our University.

The long-term relationship between the University and the outpatient service providers also enables insightful longitudinal studies with larger patient groups on the long-term effects of service or process innovations. 


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