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Teaching / Academia


Academic Management

Wolfram Hahn

Prof. Dr. Wolfram Hahn
President of the University of Applied Sciences

Professor of Law and Structure in Health and Social Services

Phone: +49 221 5000 330-30 
Email: w.hahn@praxishochschule.de

Barbara Veltjens

Prof. Dr. Barbara Veltjens
Vice President of the University of Applied Sciences

Professor of Education with a focus on Modern Educational Management und Organizational Development

Phone: +49 221 5000 330-37 
Email: b.veltjens@praxishochschule.de



Werner Birglechner

Prof. Dr. Werner Birglechner

Professor for Strategic and Operative Marketing in Health and Social Facilities

Phone: +49 6221 64 99 71-13 
Email: w.birglechner@praxishochschule.de

Georg Gassmann

Prof. Dr. Georg Gaßmann
Director of the Academic Programme Dental Hygiene and Preventive Management

Professor for Dental Hygiene and Preventive Management

Phone: +49 221 5000 330-34 
Email: g.gassmann@praxishochschule.de

Peter Hahner

Prof. Dr. Peter Hahner

Professor for Clinical Periodontology and Dental Preventive Management

Phone: +49 221 5000 330-30 
Email: p.hahner@praxishochschule.de

Clarissa Kurscheid

Prof. Dr. Clarissa Kurscheid
Director of the Management Degree Programmes

Professor for Health Economics and Institutional Economics

Phone: +49 221 5000 330-30 
Email: c.kurscheid@praxishochschule.de

Ralf Roessler

Prof. Dr. Ralf Rößler
Research Director of the praxisDienste-Institute

Professor for Interdisciplinary Periodontology and Prevention

Phone: +49 221 5000 330-30 
Email: r.roessler@praxishochschule.de


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